My Fellow Scouts and Scouters,

2020 was a year like no other in Scouting’s history. It was a year we learned you can go to camp without leaving your home. A year we remembered a troop meeting is defined by the Scouts and not by a building. A year we became closer together while staying farther apart.

But despite all the disruptions, set-backs, cancellations, and postponements, what our Scouts have shown us over the past year is that Scouting continues to move forward in our communities despite formidable obstacles.  What we have seen time and time again is when Scouts are faced with challenges, they rise to the occasion instead of hiding until the storm passes.  Our Scouts and volunteer leaders have found new ways to seek adventure, welcome new friends and help other people.  These innovations will be part of our program long after the pandemic ends and will help us reach more young people in more communities and do a better job than ever in fulfilling our mission to help Scouts “Be Prepared!”

On behalf of the National Capital Area Council, BSA executive board, we want to thank you for your continued support of our Scouts this year. Your leadership, your donations, your hours spent on Zoom meetings made it possible for Scouting to continue through this most unusual year.  Thanks to you we can say proudly and clearly that Scouting continues to thrive in our community!

Yours in Scouting,
Jim Morgan, Council President | Rick Rogers, Council Commissioner | Craig Poland, CEO & Scout Executive


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NCAC was able to successfully pivot to digital program delivery. We served more than 36,000 Scouts through our online summer camp, merit badge, and STEM@HOME programs. Thanks to this and other innovations, we were #1 in the nation for female Scouts BSA members and we ended the year with a balanced budget.

Youth Served
Scouts Served Through Online Programs
Community Service Hours


Strong unit programs kept Scouts engaged throughout the year, and invited new members to join! Like many of our units, Troop 581 found that virtual patrol meetings were an effective tool for helping Scouts talk with their friends, whether miles apart or just around the block.

Youth Served
Youth Retention Rate
New Eagle Scouts
Adult Leaders
Community Service Hours


Our summer camp program went online but Scouts still found ways to get outdoors! Camp William B. Snyder offered single-family camping opportunities for 260 Scouting families, and the Scouting At Home Challenge encouraged Scouts to safely explore their communities. Many units also found ways to have socially-distanced campouts, like Troop 13’s Virtual Family Campout!


The pandemic had a serious impact on our ability to raise essential support for our programs in 2020, but thanks to careful management by our professional and volunteer leaders NCAC finished the year with a balanced budget. Our Scouts also found innovative ways to fund their Scouting adventures, like this Scout from Troop 492 who sold popcorn – online – to all 50 states in just three days!

  • 27%— Other
  • 23%Friends of Scouting
  • 20%— Foundations & Trusts
  • 17%— Special Events
  • 4%Camping
  • 4%— Activities
  • 3%— Investments
  • 1%Sale of Supplies
  • 1%Product Sales
  • >1%%United Way
  • 75%— Program
  • 14%Fundraising
  • 10%Management & General

For year ending 12/31/20 (unaudited)


Our Scouts found ways to continue their quests for achievement safely. Pack 18 completed the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award, and three Scouts finished earning all 137 merit badges! To aid our Scouts in their efforts, in March NCAC launched the Merit Badge@Home and STEM@Home programs. Led and taught by volunteers, more than 2,300 Scouts earned awards in 80+ topics.

Merit Badges
Pounds of Food Collected
Cub Scout Awards
Supernova S.T.E.M. Awards

2020 Council Officers

Council President
Mr. James L. “JP” Morgan

Council Commissioner
Mr. Roy “Rick” Rogers

General Counsel
Mrs. Nicole Smith

Mr. Daniel Kotter

Secretary/Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Craig A. Poland

VP District Operations
Col. Christian Griggs

VP Program Impact
Dr. Arden Dougan

VP Finance
Mr. Morgan H. Sullivan

VP Outdoor Adventure
Dr. William W. Bowerman

VP Membership
Mr. Gene Irisari

VP Marketing & Communications
Mr. Richard Harrington

VP Leadership & Performance
Col. David T. DuHadway, USAF (Ret.)

2020 Executive Board

Allen, Ms. Quanda
Babbitt, Mr. J Randolph
Bothwell, Ms. Maria
Bourke, Dr. Michael
Brigety, Mr. Reuben E.
Brown, Mr. Barry
Caldeira, Mr. Stephen J.
Cave, Mr. George F.
Coffee, Mr. Brett
Davis, COL Kenneth P., USA (Ret.)
Edwards, Mr. Dale
Eldred, Ms. Nina R.
Etherton, Jonathan L.
Evans, Dr. Joseph A. 

Filipowicz, Mr. Mitch
Flott, Mr. Andrew
Gray IV, Mr. W. Scott
Gurtz, Mr. Dennis M.
Herrera, Dr. Stephanie
Horton, CAPT Forrest, USN (Ret.)
Ives, Mr. Perry N.
McKeever, Jr., Mr. Thomas J.
Mitchell, Ms. Jeanne
Mok, Mr. Samuel
Monroe, Mr. Ned
Montgomery, Mr. John B.
Napoleon, Mr. Vincent J.
O’Brien, Ms. Julia L. 

Pantuso, Mr. Peter
Rasmussen, Mr. Eric
Richardson, Mr. David
Rooney, Mr. Patrick
Simon, Mr. Terry
Snyder, Mr. William B.
Sundeen, Dr. James T.
Wagner, Mr. James P.
Weston, Maj. Gen. Craig P., USAF (Ret.)
Widmann, Mr. Arden “Art”
Witt, Mr. Daniel A.
Wood, Mr. Robert D.
Young, Mr. James

2020 Leadership

District Chairs
Allen, Mr. D. Randal (Piedmont)
Bell, Mrs. Jennifer (Aquia)
Benson, Mr. Howard (Patuxent)
Berrett, Mr. Ken (Colonial)
Bloxsom, Mr. David (Francis Scott Key)
Bonfils, Mr. Jim (Goose Creek)
Brothers, Mr. Hank (Washington, D.C.)
Carmichael, Mr. Dave (Sully)
Dexter, Mr. William (Patriot)
Donohue, Mr. Darryl (U.S. Virgin Islands)

Gedo, Ms. Inge (Powhatan)
Macias, Ms. Cheryl (Prince William)
Mortensen, Col. Joe, USMC (Ret.) (Western  Shore)
O’Reilly, Ms. Fran, (Chain Bridge)
Pagnotta, Ms. Pamela (Seneca)
Richardson, Mr. Stephen (Old Dominion)
Sprinkle, Mr. Kenneth (Potomac)
Totten, Mr. William (White Oak)
Wall, Mr. Ryan (Mattaponi)

2020 President’s Council
Bedingfield, Mr. Robert A.
Buffenbarger, Mr. R. Thomas
Forster, Mr. Peter C.
Metters, Dr. Samuel
Redd, Mr. L. Hugh
Smith, Ph.D., Dr. James
Wilson, Dr. James S.

2020 Honorary Committee
Adolphi, Mr. Ronald L.
Donohue, Mr. Thomas J.
Welch, GEN Larry D., USAF (Ret.)

2020 Advisory Committee

Arntson, Mr. Peter A.
Augustine, Mr. Norman R.
Bauknight, Mr. Karl
Bourland, Mr. O. Ray
Chance, Rev. Dr. Robert
Charpentier, Mr. Charles P.
Crayton, Jr., Mr. Clarence
Davidson, Dr. Charles N.
Davis, LTG Russell C., USAF (Ret.)
Feddeman, Mr. Edward G.
Hillenbrand III, Mr. Frederick F.

Huey-Burns, Mr. Paul
Iscoe, Judge Craig S.
Lewis, Mr. Garry
Marvel, Dr. Kevin B.
Mason, Hon. John
McFadden, Mr. Chauvon
Minchew, Mr. J. Randall
Mitchell, COL Charles H., USA
Mitchell, Mr. James E.
Murray III, Christopher C.

Niño, Mr. José F.
Palenscar, Mr. Daniel
Pocalyko, Mr. Michael N.
Ramsey, Mr. Phillip
Reyes, Mr. Joseph A.
Ribas, Dr. Jorge
Roy, Mr. Charles J.
Silversmith, Mr. Gary
Sterne, Mr. Robert G.
Tuck, Mr. John C.
Winch, Jr., Mr. Gary W.
Yarbrough, Mr. Edwin